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Susan RichardsonIn our sessions, I trust your body to guide me so that through my touch you become aware of your beautiful ability to heal.

My massage blends long flowing strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, and precise deeper muscular techniques to reach deep within your body, releasing habitual tensions and holding patterns. I offer a safe space for peace and acceptance, integrated wholeness and balance. Drawing from my training in Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Thai and various other modalities, I create an individualised session, designed to meet your specific needs. Through this nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience, your body and spirit can realise a greater freedom of movement and ease of being
My work touches the deep structures of the body to help release tension and patterns of holding. I pay special attention to supporting the release of chronic tension and pain, helping you to find greater room and freedom to breathe and to increase the flow of vital energy.

Many holistic treatments are available from Susan Richardson:

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I received a lovely Deep Tissue Massage from Susan, I felt so relaxed afterwards – I floated out of the room! Thanks Susan!
“I really had no idea just how much unnecessary pain and stress I’d been carrying around over the years – but after a few sessions with Susan I feel completely rejuvenated. She is caring, intuitive, knowledgeable and skilful and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. This is far more than just an average massage – I’m actually quite amazed at the results and I’m very grateful.” Phil Elson, Reigate
Phil Elson
My wife and I have been having regular massages with Susan for some months now and have both noticed significant improvements from the start. Susan uses a wide range of techniques, drawing from her many years of experience. Her style encompasses a deep knowledge of both the physical and spiritual elements within massage therapy, which are intrinsically connected and as such have a profound effect on one another. She is very professional, makes her patients feel relaxed and works specifically with each individual to alleviate their particular problems through her comprehensive approach. We have found that Susan has treated us both quite differently according our requirements and we have both been impressed and delighted with the results. We will continue to be treated by Susan in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends, as we have already done! Thank you Nathan Kingsbury
Nathan Kingsbury
Susan is not your regular masseuse; she is very intuitive to your emotions and the tensions within your body. She will always begin by asking you how you are feeling and what you want to feel by the end of the massage whether that is relaxed, peaceful, tension freed, pain relieved etc. She gives you a fully bespoke whole body massage, concentrating on the areas you are most concerned with. She makes you feel completely at ease and fully immersed in the moment. Whether you are looking to truly unwind or experience deep tissue pressure on problem areas, Susan is the perfect person to help you!! Thank you Amber
“I have been going to Susan for about a year now and I can say without an iota of doubt that she is an excellent masseuse. Susan is caring, a keen listener and always available on time. She is more than happy to adapt the treatment to my needs and is more than willing to spend that little extra time in making sure that I receive the most out of my treatments. I can highly recommend Susan as she is without doubt simply excellent!” Thanks Varun Sood
Varon Sood
I am 74 years old and my mobility is restricted because of the early stages of Parkinsons. I have suffered from backache for a long time . About three years ago I had Bowen Treatment which was very successful. Then I moved to Reigate and found Susan and she gave me some Bowen Treatments which again were successful – in fact, it seemed like a miracle that after only a few weeks I was free from pain.
Since September Susan has been giving me a variety of treatments carefully targeted to my needs. I now see her about every four weeks (more frequently if needed) and this keeps me mobile and free from pain. I believe this will allow me to live independently for as long as possible. Jean Newing
Jean Newing
I have been seeing Susan for over a year now, and during that time she has always shown to be kind, courteous and helpful in not only her ‘hands-on’ approach but also a kind ear in answering my many questions/problems that may have arisen during that time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan to any person seeking help and relaxation plus of course the kind ear. Michael May
Michael May
“I’ve been coming to see Susan for a few months now. I suffer from a bad back which was making me feel very down. Whilst my back is markedly better, more importantly, I’ve seen a marked positive change in my mood and stress levels. It is the most bizarre treatment! Susan seems to have a remarkable ability through the power of massage (including a powerful head massage) to release all sorts of your emotions and feelings. I would recommend these sessions to everyone especially those stressed and overworked. For me, Susan has given me an insight into just how easy it is to store away negative emotions which go on to cause physical pains! ” Louise
“Susan has an understanding of what your body needs and can find all those areas that need the most attention. If you want a deep massage then she is the best but also is sensitive to what is required. Susan has an abundance of techniques and is vastly knowledgeable. The best massage I have had! ” Pat Bridges
Pat Bridges