Somatic Mindful Massage

Somatic Mindful Massage is a deep intuitive massage that communicates somatically with the Somatic nervous system to enable the body and mind to release patterns of tension unconsciously stored, through a variety of bodywork techniques, which include:

Breathing techniques, Cranial Sacral release, Fascial Unwinding, and long deep tissue stretches with gentle rocking techniques.  These quiet, slow and subtle forms of touch will communicate with the body with gentleness and calm. Gentle rocking or shaking is used to integrate and encourage the body to release patterns of holding and tension.

A primary tool used is Fascial unwinding to loosen certain holding patterns in the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps every muscle, organ, bone, and ligament.

Repatterning the fascia is an important element in releasing long-held tension, and opening to new ways of being in your body.
By using the breath and subtle sounds we communicate to the body’s tissues, to deepen your experience and release tension.  The breadth and sound can be especially useful as a tool for opening areas of stagnation or holding patterns and focusing awareness. Breath is a vital part of giving our body the fuel it needs to regenerate and reprogram the mind and body out of tension.

The Somatic Mindful Massage technique is intuitive and improvised—responding to your body’s needs.

Treatment price 60 minutes £70.00 / 90 minutes £95.00

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