Wellness Days

At Innersights Corporate services we specialise in creating bespoke Wellness Days either as a one-off office event or as a regular service to promote the importance of wellbeing.
Our expert team of mobile massage therapists and wellbeing experts bring mobile treatments and workshops to your workplace, revitalising your workforce reducing work stress and increasing productivity. Every client comes to us with a different brief but leaves with the same feeling of a bespoke service and a team who work tirelessly to ensure the best customer service, the best expert staff and a dedication second to none.

We tailor our wellbeing days to fit within the company’s objectives offering Onsite massage, Yoga, meditation and self-awareness courses to provide strategic thinking, resilience and collaboration with the ability to stay agile to uncover a wealth of wellness with an opportunity to cultivate a healthy body, peaceful mind and vibrant spirit.

• It’s quick, convenient and makes you feel great!
• RSI, bursitis, tennis elbow & carpal syndrome relief, one of the main problems for staff working on computers.
• Headaches and eye strain.
• Easing tense and knotted muscles.
• Onsite massage helps induce relaxation and gives a sense of well-being.
• Improves mobility and flexibility.
• Relieves anxiety and stress.
• Lowers raised blood pressure and heart rate.
• Improves circulation and immune function.
• Helping your employees feel invigorated, calmed and refocused.

Our workplace treatments are designed to relax the tension of the muscles as well as invigorate and stimulate the mind. A massage at work will leave everyone inspired, alert and focused.

On-site massage is an immediately beneficial way of relieving your staff of work-related stress, and a great, cost-effective addition to any staff retention program or employee wellness program. The massages can be given in a vacant office or meeting room, although treatments can easily be given in a quiet corner of a large open-plan.

Do you know that a growing body of recent research in the fields of psychology and cognitive neuroscience have highlighted that touch is a very powerful sensory modality, involved in every aspect of our life, one that certainly deserves more attention from the scientific community in the years to come?
The sense of touch is not only relevant to our interactions with external objects but also, and even more importantly, to our interactions with ourselves and other human beings.


Yoga and mindfulness for self-regulation.
Yoga and mindfulness for self-regulation, offers simple techniques, such as postures, simple stretching meditation and breathing techniques that help influence one’s awareness of the body and mind.

Yoga is often described as ‘meditation in motion’ since the mind is focused on movements and breathing, this gentle practice will help bring ‘zen’ to any workplace or corporate event.

It is an effective treatment for self-regulation and offers traditional mental health paradigms with maximum benefits.

Key Features:
• Designed for clients with minimal background in yoga or mindfulness.
• Understand how stress affects the mind and body.
• Combines a conceptual overview of embodied self-regulation with practical techniques.
• Reduces tension and anxiety with simple stretching exercises and breathing techniques.
• When you breathe and move with awareness, something changes mentally, even when you’re not consciously trying to change thoughts or emotions.
• Visualized meditation is used to improve an overall sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality.

• Becoming aware of how the mind can come to the aid of your body to help release the effects of stress and gain mastery over mental and physical health.
• When we consciously move and breathe, we improve the function of the Vagus nerve, which helps us calm down and relax, and improves the heart rate variability, which is a measure of stress resilience.

  • • Yoga will increase endurance, strength and flexibility and is an excellent form of exercise
    • Reduces stress through mindful movement.
    • Opens the heart and mind to happiness and enlightenment.
    • Gives workers time to relax, recharge and reground.
    • Moderate exercise releases endorphins to improve mood and overall wellbeing.
    • Improves performance on cognitive tasks.
    • Boosts brain function, as it helps to manage one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
    • Helps stabilize emotions and increase self-compassion.
    • Eases tension, fatigue and stress.
    • Improves an overall sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality.
    • Helps to overcome struggles with externally-oriented behaviours and discover an internal sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.

The outcome? Just by moving the body, and consciously breathing, we improve our ability to respond to life with less stress and more discernment. Change the body and you will change the mind.

These sessions can be done on a yoga mat or if your space is limited these sessions can also be done on chairs in your working environment.

Meditation and awareness can improve work performance, personal relationships and health, with just 5 minutes of deep breathing, reflection and tension release can work to decrease stress levels and increase overall productivity.

• Regular meditation helps to improve overall happiness, self-awareness and patience and resilience.

• Improve productivity through a motivated and driven workforce that brings in more efficiency.

• Uphold ethical behaviour in the workplace

• Foster a creative and emotionally intelligent workforce

• Better collaborations to pursue bigger organizational goals

• A positive and vibrant environment

Treating stress and anxiety with an awareness of the mind, body and breath course.


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