Spa and Salon

Our Holistic massage consultants present interactive workshops to deliver intense and quality education for beauty and massage therapists at Spa’s and salons.
When we look closely at the workings behind the success of our health centers and spas it becomes very Clear that there are two distinct avenues through which care of the therapist can be expressed and Integrated into the fundamental principles that support its happy functioning, looking at the success and overall quality of energy within a therapeutic environment and the level of customer satisfaction experienced.

If management wants to encourage a flagging team that has gone above and beyond the call of duty time and again but is now showing signs of fatigue, overwhelm and exhaustion, this is a fabulous workshop to give your team, by offering something tangible, something they can experience, something that will rebuild their health, energy and resilience? Something that will get them back on board with the company vision and mission…

By investing in your therapist, you will ensure happy therapists that will do more for your company, just because they want to, as they feel valued.

We believe the key rests within the body and mind of the therapist themselves. In the ability to take responsibility for their own state of mind and well-being which means that they need to have the necessary resources within themselves to maintain balance and equilibrium.

The other counter balance rests in the hands of the management. In the minds of those who are responsible for the organisation and structure through which the therapist channels his or her work and creativity. Here there needs to be an empathy with the nature of `hands on` treatments so that an appreciation of the ongoing need for supporting the individual therapist can be shared. This in turn, enhances and unites the team spirit by actively caring for the soul of your business; the people who work with you.

We offer a troubleshooting workshops which deliver advanced training for the therapists to help maintain their health and well-being, bringing a greater quality of treatments to the Spa and beauty salons. This transition offers the therapist, sometimes newly out of college, new and inspiring idea’s that help create inspiration and ease through working on many clients throughout the day.

We cover how to recognize stress and tension in the therapist’s own body, it’s common triggers and effects and simple tools to make stressful situations manageable bringing new energy into treating clients, knowledge of muscles and where the main areas of stress and tension is held, new techniques which deliver a deeper massage, ensuring that clients have a wonderful worthwhile treatments.

We offer a troubleshooting workshop which is held over two days.
Day one: works with new information and correction of bad habits or unlearnt disciplines that were not enthused into the therapist, new advanced techniques are taught to help the therapist deliver a deeper treatment with less stress on themselves and mindfulness about their own health.
Giving coping strategies that can be implemented immediately, as knowledge needs to be embedded and practising what they have learnt is the best way to infuse the information, allowing passion of the subject with a deeper understanding.

Day two: one week later gives the therapist time to evaluate any problems and issues which a the therapists to take in more information. Being aware that Humans learn best when we ‘go with the grain of the brain’ instead of against it, through collaboration – not competition – is the way we learn best, through interactions with others so by practicing what they have learnt, strengthens both the therapist and the quality of the client’s treatments.
Day two offers more insightful information into working effectively with different parts of the body, reinforcing the new advanced techniques and posture, to ensure quality and the health and safety of therapist and clients, developing a deeper understanding and a better quality of treatment.

We believe learning depends on motivation; to motivate therapists we must engage their interest in the topic, giving too much information at one time does not allow the therapist time to absorb the correct information. We ‘construct’ our knowledge through experience – by doing.
Vital training in maintaining good posture for spinal alignment that prevents back pain and injury, to more subtle techniques of how to avoid `short circuiting` and running out of energy before you have adequately completed a session. By learning how to use subtle energy, rather than relying on muscular strength and physical pressure to sustain an ongoing flow of vitality, the therapist will develop self-empowering techniques that benefit both give and receiver.

The Company’s Benefits:

• Improvement of the workplace health and wellbeing awareness
• Boosts morale and motivation by improving staff performance, productivity and engagement.
• Demonstrates a positive approach for the health and wellbeing for your employees and clients.
• Helps to reduce absence from work due to stress-related conditions

These workshops are a wonderful investment into the health and wellbeing of your therapist and the effectiveness of them delivering an excellent treatment with brilliant feedback from clients.

Please contact us to enable us to get a clear understanding of your organisation and any issues that you have, the way you work, your goals and challenges, allowing us to play an active role in your Spa or salon project and possibly offer a sustainability program.