Treating Stress and Anxiety with Awareness of the mind body and breath workshop.

Innersights Treating Stress and Anxiety workshop offers a unique focus about the mind, body and breath.

Awareness is a powerful tool, It helps you to think more clearly, breathe effortlessly and move more efficiently.

This unique short workshop will literally bring you back to your senses, helping you find a new path of ease and joy.

Anxiety, when out of control, is typically linked to a singular or series of emotional events that cause our brains to remember everything we have ever felt bringing to our minds that same emotion or feeling.

Doubt or fear as an obstacle and guardian.

Let us examine the role doubt has played in our lives, although doubt has often prevented us from going forward with certain projects and challenges it has also protected us from many crises and dangers. This is also true of fear, fear is often our Guardian angel, ask yourself whether your life would be possible today without a sense of fear.

From this point of view doubt and fear act as guardians until our consciousness can mature enough to control the innate power of our own lives and no longer need their protection.

The way to overcome doubt is not by blind belief but through a knowing or awareness, which is the true source of intelligence. When you know something for sure then doubt automatically disappears.

Fear has an even greater presence in our lives. Emotions can be classified into two basic categories…. fear and love. Based on these two simple emotions, an action of advancement or retreat, acceptance or refusal, is determined. The energy of love is expressed in the human desire to socialise and become part of a community. The energy of fear is characterized by a desire to avoid pain or, failing that, to fight, freeze or fly away.

How can we possibly overcome such deep deeply rooted instincts?

When we become angry, fear takes one step back. When we feel courage, fear takes two steps back. However, it is always on call to rush back to our side in times of need. When we feel joy, we feel the fear melt away. Fear and the associated negative emotions that it gives rise to, all melt away in the presence of genuine joy.

When we utilise the power of joy to overcome fear, we can then fully use the capabilities of our brain and limbic system, to no longer be led by our emotions instead we learn to lead them.

In this course, you will discover, how to control your emotions, learn which thoughts are good for you, and which thoughts are destructive or damaging, as we learn to understand the emotional scale of thoughts and feelings.

We shall also learn about the fight, flight and freeze response to stress and anxiety, looking at the evidence of the patterns of respiration and how they change when we are stressed or anxious. Looking at what happens to the muscular system, why our muscles in our necks and shoulders become tense, our breath shortens, and the excursion of the diaphragm tends to diminish, and how other skeletal muscles shorten their range of movement, in other words, we discover how everything shortens and holds onto pain and tension, creating inflexibility, pain and tension of the mind and body.

By understanding the physical and the emotional aspects of the mind body and respiratory system, we discover the impact they have on our health and wellbeing.

Through exercise, and breath work we become physically aware of the tension that is being held within our bodies, that we learn to physically and mentally let go, encouraging a more flexible mind and body, feeling new vitality and more energised and at peace.
Linking movement with the breath…. Is meditation in action, it helps to keep you in your body, allowing you an invitation to release, surrender.

By concentrating on movement and the breath we quieten the mind, giving  the mind a ‘job’ and something else to think about, connecting you to your inner world, we experience the way we breathe and how shallow it may feel by being conscious of our inhalation and exhalation, as well as the areas that we hold tension.

Releasing negative thoughts and behaviours will give us more energy, releases tension, creating positivity and a feeling of aliveness.

Movement with attention – transforms the restrictions from your body, bringing your attention to what you feel.

Fascinating studies coming from the world of neuroscience confirm that our brains are plastic and can change. Our brains are amazingly resilient, although vulnerable to the outside and internal thoughts and beliefs, our unconscious, influences.

The brain can actually rewire itself as it forms new neuronal connections based on what you do believe about yourself and your life!

Dopamine a neurotransmitter appears to play a big part in this as it activates both positive and negative stimuli between stress, pain and emotions, or between physical and emotional events, it also helps regulate movement and emotional responses,  it enables us not only to see rewards but to take action to move toward them allowing  information to be passed from one neuron to another relating to anticipatory pleasure and motivation. Dopamine is a molecule that our body produces naturally, it’s the substance that’s behind our dreams and biggest secrets. Dopamine also creates our feelings of lust, love, infidelity, motivation, attention, femininity, learning, and addiction, it is our thoughts and beliefs and behaviours that let us know if they are good or bad.

Addiction is a compulsive habit which can form around almost anything: negative or positive like exercise, Facebook, pornography, shoes, negative self-talk, etc…… The good thing is it also serves to maintain motivation and promotes new, exciting, and rewarding feelings if we choose new thoughts and beliefs that empower us to create new neural pathways or a new lifestyle.

All addiction involves a neuroplastic change in the brain, dopamine is like the chemical messenger related to anticipatory pleasure and motivation, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, The Dopamine that makes you happy is an essential component to neuroplasticity and making neuronal connections which reinforces your behaviour. When a person kicks a habit, the addictive neuronal circuits in the brain become weaker and less active over time. This underpins the aspiration of eastern philosophy that awareness of mind body and breath, through exercise, conscious breathing and meditation can change the way we exist in the world. As our brains are forever, changing building billions of new neurological connections everyday, as we learn, we transform.  

Discover how your E-motions help to transform your life when we realise that our feelings are created by our thoughts if we keep thinking the same thought it becomes a belief, which can be positive or negative.

Through the discovery of guided meditations and new programming we learn to feel our bodies relaxing, so every cell in our body experiences new vitality, leaving us feeling uplifted and present in the moment, achieving new clarity, helping to create new neural pathways in our brain.

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