Cranial Sacral therapy

Cranial-sacral therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment that combines the wisdom of osteopathy, psychotherapy, and healing.
It is ideal for delicate cases like babies, the elderly and the sick and also extremely beneficial for happy, healthy people who occasionally become overwhelmed and run down.
Non-manipulative massage does not involve body manipulation. The use of light hands contact combined with great sensitivity eases nervous, emotional and physical discomfort; allowing the system to let go in a safe and comfortable way.  By freeing up the energy system to bring about profound improvements to long-term nervous disorders, postural problems, and emotional difficulties, thus encouraging a stronger and more settled state of health.
After half a dozen treatments clients feel more settled and comfortable, running much more at their full potential.

Treatment cost 60 min £70.00 / 90 min £95.00

Therapist: Susan Richardson