Celebrate yourself with our awesome Pre-natal or Post-natal massage treatment.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time of new beginnings it can be mind-blowing.
Book a pre-natal or post-natal massage treatment and enjoy the amazingness of your body, enjoy your pregnancy with deep relaxation, a positive attitude and free from aches and pains from very early pregnancy.
Don’t leave it until you’re stressed, over it and achy… we’ll keep you feeling awesome right the way through.

At Innersights we’ll help you along your journey from early pregnancy and throughout motherhood to keep you feeling amazing.

A lot of women – even those who are convinced of the benefits of massages – feel conflicted when it comes to getting massaged during pregnancy. They are afraid to do anything to the body that may put their precious baby in danger, and understandably so. However, women can benefit from massages during pregnancy.

Importance and Benefits of Prenatal Massages.

Massage will give you that special me time as your body and mind prepare itself for that special little bundle to arrive, giving you the much-deserved and required peace. If you are a first-time mother, this will be a welcome experience with all the worry and anxiety gripping you.
Prenatal massages have also been found to regulate hormone levels in pregnant women. This is primarily owing to the relaxation and destressing power of massages.
As your belly grows in size, the movement may be greatly restricted. At such times, massage treatment can keep the blood circulation on track. This, in turn, has other secondary benefits like improved immunity, better sleep, etc.
Prenatal massages can help you tackle a lot of common pregnancy ailments like stiff neck and shoulders, swollen ankles, headaches, back pain, etc.

Importance and Benefits of Post-natal Massages
Postnatal or postpartum massages are more common than pre-natal massages. However, some mothers may get too caught up in caring for their baby to realise they need to take care of themselves too! Postnatal massages are not a luxury, they are a necessity. Here are the benefits of postnatal massages:

The most obvious benefits of postpartum massages include muscle relaxation, pain relief, and decreased swelling. Other physical benefits also include improved blood circulation, fewer stretch marks, and improving muscle tone to tuck your tummy back in.
Postpartum massaging has also been known to stimulate breast milk supply. They help relieve clogged milk ducts and make breastfeeding a lot less painful.
Postpartum massages speed up recovery in case of a C-section. This is an important point in favour of postnatal massages because recuperating after a C-section is challenging. The faster you heal, the better and more efficiently you can care for your baby.

Immunity takes a hit during pregnancy. Most mothers will report having fallen ill at least a couple of times during their pregnancy. Postpartum massages can help you gain your immunity back by facilitating the circulation of the lymphatic fluid (which is responsible for carrying antibodies around the body).
Postpartum blues hit many women. Massages can help you deal with them by relaxing your body and mind and making you feel pampered.
As a parting thought, consider this: hugging for 20 seconds releases oxytocin in the body, which instantly improves your mood, calms the mind, and builds mutual trust. If 20 seconds of physical contact can do all that, can you imagine the healing power of a good body massage?

Treatment price 60 minutes £70.00 / 90 minutes £95.00