Our Terms and Conditions for ITEC Courses:

1. General

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to the services provided by Innersights Holistic Training Courses (Innersights).

1.2 They are deemed to be accepted by the Student upon Innersights accepting the Student onto a course of study with Innersights.

1.3 No variation or alteration to these terms shall be valid unless approved in writing by a duly authorised official of Innersights on Innersights letter-headed stationery.

1.4 All classes and examinations are conducted in English. Students must have a good command of written and spoken English.


2. Attendance

2.1 If the student is unable to attend a scheduled Study session it is important that the Principal Tutor is informed promptly.

2.2 All contact tuition hours must be completed prior to sitting for examinations.

2.3 Students must inform the Principal and Primary Tutor immediately of any medical conditions they may suffer from, which may affect their ability to give or receive any treatments in class.

2.4 Innersights reserves the right to change the location of the Course Venue.

2.5 Innersights Courses will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no classes are cancelled. If, however, a cancellation occurs due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g. tutor sickness) a new class date will be provided.

2.6 Students are encouraged to stay with their Enrolling Class. If a student wishes to change to another Class, an administrative charge of £50 will apply.

2.7 Innersights Courses will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage to, or theft of personal property.


3. Course Fees

3.1 Full fees are payable on enrolment, either by one single payment, or by installments agreed with Innersights Courses.

3.2 The installment plan is a concession by Innersights Courses to help students with their payments and, the balance of the outstanding Course fees will become payable even if the student should fail to complete the Course through non-attendance.

3.3 Any students who fail to keep to the installment plan as agreed with Innersights Courses may incur further charges.

3.4 When a student’s place on the Course is confirmed the booking fee is non-refundable.

3.5 The course fee is not refundable unless the conditions at clause 3.6 below apply.

3.6 Fees are refundable for the following two reasons only:

3.6.1 If course is full

3.6.2 Where a Student is unable to complete a course due to illness, a repayment of a proportion of course fees may be made by Innersights Courses. Examination fees will not be repaid. To be eligible for a rebate, the Student must submit a medical certificate stating that they are not fit enough to continue with the course. A rebate is not payable for absences from classes in any other situation

3.7 If Innersights Courses cancels a course, workshop or seminar, the Student will receive a credit note for the full amount of fees paid. Innersights Courses will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the Student through joining that course. If Innersights Courses changes the dates or times of classes, Innersights will not be liable for any additional expenses resulting from those changes, so long as Innersights provides at least 7 days notice.

3.8 Innersights Courses reserves the right:

3.8.1 To refuse an application without reason, in which case all fees paid will be refunded

3.8.2 To remove from the Course any student deemed disruptive to the class, in which case no fees will be refunded


4. Examination Fees

4.1 Students may only sit examinations for Innersights Courses and ITEC once all Innersights Courses and ITEC Course requirements have been satisfactorily completed.

4.2 Students need to be registered with ITEC for examinations. It is mandatory that a representative of ITEC invigilates the final Examinations.

4.3 Any students having to take examinations independently (ie at a different time to the Examinations for the Course) will incur additional charges.

4.4 Where a Student’s delay in reaching examination standard necessitates a late entry, an additional fee of £40.00 must be paid to Innersights Courses before an application can be made for a late booking.

4.5 An administration fee of £110 is payable by a Student to Innersights Courses where the School allows them to resit an examination. This fee does not entitle the Student to attend any additional classes.

4.6 Where a Student re sitting an examination wishes to take additional classes, a proportional payment must be made prior to attending those classes.

4.7 Any Student wishing to take additional classes must make a proportional payment prior to attending those classes.


5. Terms

5.1 This Agreement contains the entire terms of agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter contained in it, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties and understandings of the Parties. Innersights Courses. Course Information and Terms and Conditions of Business are correct at the time of printing and may be subject to alteration without prior notice.

I have read and understood the Holistic Training Courses Terms and Conditions of Business and agree to be bound by them.