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Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology  (A&P) provides the structural knowledge for therapists carrying out any form of physical therapy.

It covers many aspects of the body including all the major systems including:

  • Histology – the science of cells and tissues
  • Skeletal – Bone structure, joints and the whole of the skelton
  • Muscles – Individual muscles but also how muscles are structured and how they work
  • Circulation – The heart, blood vessels and blood itselfNerves – The brain, spine and both peripheral and autonomic nervous system
  • Lymphatic – How the lymph system and node work plus the immune system
  • Endocrine – The function of major hormones and how the influence homeostasis
  • Integumentary – Skin, hair and nails – one of the largest organs of the body
  • Reproductive – Both the stucture and function of the male & female systems
  • Urinary – a close look at the kidneys, bladder and their function and structure
  • Respiratory – The lungs, nasal passages and pulmonary circulation

Study of these systems will normally follow the pattern of looking at the structure of the system (Anatomy) followed by how the system works and what its functions are (Pathology). At the end of each system will then look at the pathology i.e what can go wrong with the system including many common disorders and diseases.

Unit 383 Knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies


Over the years we have had many students who came to take this course as a stand alone qualification to satisfy a long standing interest, or to assist entrance into other medical courses such as physiotherpy, occupational therapy, estopathy etc. This also includes ‘A’ level students unable to find similar qualifications at school who are interested to go on and study medicine at University.

Whatever your reason for studying A&P we are sure you will find the course both interesting and rewarding.

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